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Training in which areas, and why?
We specialize in certain areas related to biotechnology and bioinformatics by means of mainly our research activities. We intend to transfer our knowledge and skills to others by providing training in specific areas such as bioinformatics required for life science researchers in general (user-end bioinformatics) and information collection and analysis.
We are also passionate about creating increased awareness about different career prospects and the cognate capacities, human resource development / refinement,as well as the need to plan careers in the area of life sciences.

The user-end

There are components of bio-informatics which every life science student/professional should be aware of today (see Acharya 2006*). However, there do not seem to be good training programs available in such specialized areas of bioinformatics which could be of practical use to life science researchers, students and other professionals. In fact, we are currently performing research in the comparative analysis of various bioinformatics resources, for specific applications.

Comparing bioinformatics resources:
It is surprising that critical comparison of basic tools has not been done from a user's perspective. For example, literature search engines were not thoroughly compared until very recently (Acharya et al, 2008**), despite the fact that literature search forms the most fundamental component of scientific methodology. Our studies also show that one might obtain misleading results using existing resources for protein-protein interactions or gene expression databases. We intend to be leaders in systematic comparison of bioinformatics resources and assist scientists in making informed decisions in choosing and using them aptly. We are also eager to bring this expertise to the participants through short courses.

*The Biotech-Bioinfo Interface in the Context of Education and Growth of the Biotechnology Industry in India Today [Jan 2006] Kshitish K Acharya full text available at: Biovistas manuscript final.pdf

** In search of the right literature search engine(s) Akhilesh et al. Nature Precedings (2011)

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